Inspired by this blog, we've taken our schools work to the next level. 

We'd like to thank The Chalk Cliff Trust for funding our work for 2019/2020. This will enable us to have conversations with nearly 2,500 young people across Brighton & Hove. 

Visiting a variety of students in a classroom setting, we hold laid back, informal sessions ensuring a non-judgemental space, where there are definitely no ‘stupid’ questions.

Designed to be led by its participants, the conversation acts as a vehicle that students can listen to experiences of Domestic Abuse first hand, ask questions and explore ideas with the intention of feeling a little more clued up on this complex issue.


The feedback to our work has been positive and encouraging, confirming the need for real-life, real-time, realistic conversations. 

​"That is the most important conversation young people will have in schools" 

"Thanks for your very passionate and professional commitment to our Yr. 11 lessons."

"Lovely manner with the students, relaxed and confident, students felt comfortable asking questions and felt your story was inspiring." 

"My Year 11 students were very impressed by your story and openness." 

"Your expert presentation received high praise and feedback from the Year 11 students."