Let's do this!

Working with groups

Sometimes sitting and having a chat is the first step to changing perspectives. 
Moving away from the traditional 'training' format, The Rita Project welcomes invitations to host awareness raising sessions at your workplace, book club, crafting group, down the pub, in local cafe.. the list goes on.
Just pop on the kettle and we're there.

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Looking for a speaker?

If you couldn't tell already, Madelaine Hunter is really passionate about all things Domestic Abuse. She's even more passionate about demystifying and debunking urban myths and Old Wives Tales. 
If you're looking for someone to provide a different context to the intricacies of Domestic Abuse, give us a bell.

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Got an idea?

The Rita Project gets really excited at the thought of collaborating with the other amazing and wonderful people out there. It really does take a village to ensure that amazing things happen in our community. We'd love to hear your ideas, big or small. Whatever it may be, it could spark something amazing and may need a little push in the right direction!

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