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If not now, when?

Domestic Abuse is a different beast. And it needs to be tackled with innovation and perseverance.

Hiding in plain sight, perpetrators have the audacity to schmooze, manipulate and dazzle unwitting onlookers whilst simultaneously destroying the core of their victim’s existence.

The game needs to change and quickly. Let’s ask different questions, let’s start the conversation sooner and let’s make a very loud noise for everyone to hear. Stop pussy footing around the issue and dive straight in. Welcome it in from the cold dark edges of our society and make it an issue that we are all fanatically dedicated to challenging.

I won’t be the first or last to say that education is key, that prevention is better than cure but surely one of the ways to reduce the statistics is to disrupt the culture of abuse. To shed light on the dark corners where toxic behaviours can fester & grow, to acknowledge that we can do something before it starts and let’s focus our efforts there.

It’s only now we are all seeing the length & breadth of how far and ingrained abuse runs through our society. It’s everywhere and it’s relentless. Playing out on screens right in front of our eyes. We need to stop scrolling past the stories and take notice.

The door has been kicked open, lets grab this opportunity and run with it. This is not just a conversation for the few, it’s a serious issue that should be on the lips of many, repeated day in and day out until we don’t need to talk about it anymore. Only then, will there be silence.

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