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“You are not alone” a message delivered by many services dedicated to supporting those affected by Domestic Abuse. A sincere message with the best intentions but not always possible to deliver.

Based in the South East, I’m so grateful to live alongside a diverse range of communities. Different languages, cultures, beliefs and locations from East to West, from coastal towns to rural hamlets, sea to rolling hills, we really have it all. Or do we?

I find it frustrating that Rural Communities get the raw end of the deal. Poor transport links, closures of the local shop, post office, doctors & dentists are often out of area, not to mention any form of specialist services. Several communities I’ve visited have lost all community links except the local pub. Train stations have been closed, routes changed so ‘popping’ to your nearest town becomes a challenge.

Unfortunately, the nearest town is usually where the services are. Imagine you’ve been invited to an appointment at your local Domestic Abuse Service. Do you drive? Would you feel comfortable asking someone to give you a lift? Would you explain where you’re going, and why?

Many people don’t want to answer all the questions and they shouldn’t have to. But then, does that mean a long journey on a bus that may only operate a few times a day? Does it mean you don’t go at all?

Whilst we live on the bustling South Cost, life for some can be very isolating.

Let’s deliver the message; “You’re actually not alone”. Through the network of services operating throughout Sussex, there are people to listen and support you. It’s just working out the best way to make that happen and services or communities cannot do it by themselves.

How can we come together to ensure that residents in rural communities receive the level of service they need? How do we start conversations that address challenges of rural life? Domestic Abuse is everybody’s business, so let’s find a solution, together.

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