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Christmas 2019 Appeal

If words aren't your thing, here's the link to the amazon wishlist

The Rita Project feels privileged to have worked alongside staff & residents at a few local YMCA hostels. Each year, we support their Christmas plans and recently we were inspired by a gift from the owner of local business Velvet Nails in Brighton.

After hearing about our work with female hostel residents and the realities of hostel life, she purchased and donated one gallon of salon-quality hand cream for use within our work. This got us thinking, what if other people and/or businesses donated other items and instead of just hand cream, we can offer a whole nail kit as a gift?

Living in a hostel setting can offer a sense of security, residents will feel supported by staff and have opportunities to develop skills and knowledge by attending groups and courses. At the same time, for many reasons, it can feel a bit overwhelming and chaotic. The Rita Project has worked with hostels to offer opportunities to stop for a moment, take a breath & focus on themselves.

Working with the hostel staff and other local organisations, we’ve created events such as; silent discos (with pizza, thank you Fatto a Mano!), goal setting sessions, guerrilla chalk graffiti to brighten the outside space, lego workshops, t-shirt tie-dyeing & Easter card making.

We learnt residents aren’t used to putting themselves first. They may be focused on their children or loved ones, receiving treatment for health issues or just never had an opportunity to do it before.

This Christmas, inspired by Velvet Nails, we want to create & donate 40 easy to use nail kits and need your help. It couldn’t be easier, we’ve designed the kits, selected the products and collated via an amazon wish list. Simply click here and chose what you’d like to purchase. These items are delivered to us, when everything has been received, will be donated to YMCA in time for their Christmas celebrations.

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