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From the archive: #16days - Brighton & Hove City Council (2013)

Sara – not her real name – was being assaulted by her ex-partner and describes reporting it to the police as one of the most challenging things she has ever had to do.

“I was convinced that I would be rejected. It took me a very long time to even make it to the Police Station. Once there, I burst into tears and waited to speak to an officer. After making a long statement and having my pictures taken, I left feeling light as a feather and so glad that someone had listened to me and identified that something was wrong. From that point, he wasn’t able to make excuses or justify his actions. The silence was broken.

Over time, the dust does settle. My ex-partner pleaded guilty, he was charged with two counts of assault and a restraining order was put in place. My next job was to focus on the children, they had been removed from his care and were hurting. They missed their father but they knew what he did was wrong. They had explained what had happened to our social worker without being prompted but it seemed bittersweet as all contact was cut off for months until it was deemed safe.

RISE worked with my middle child to help her understand her position in all of this and how to remain safe and in control. Today she seems to grasp the challenges ahead of her, understand the family dynamic and what she can do to ensure she feels safe in all situations."


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