• KS

For the brave

His eyes flash black with fury,

he pretended to love, but lied.

He puts on his mask for everyone else

but takes it off inside.

He rules through fear and darkness,

my light is buried alive.

He questions every move I make,

my freedom is denied.

His words, like toxic daggers,

lodge deep inside my brain.

The excuses keep on coming

But every one, the same.

The screaming, the cheating, the smashed bathroom door,

it’s alcohol to blame.

You know they won’t believe you,

if you dare to tell a soul.

I’ve told them you are crazy,

my threats will take their toll.

No one wants you, you’ll never cope,

I am in control.

The prison walls got higher,

but somewhere, a will to survive

My courage and my truth reborn,

when trust in you had died.

You failed to crush my spirit,

I found my voice to confide.

Your shame will never be mine to own,

all you can do is hide.


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