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Summer campaign: Supporting Women

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We recently spoke to Gemma Harfleet, Pre-treatment Stabilisation Worker at Fulfilling Lives about the programme she is leading in Brighton & Hove, designed to support women before they enter a rehab facility within the city. The project's ambition is to work alongside women on their rehabilitation journey, address historic and current trauma, acknowledge and reduce barriers and challenges and increase women's capacity and space for action. We talked about the range of issues that could be faced by women and were inspired to do what we could to help support positive transitions into rehabilitation facilities for woman in our city.

The Rita Project's Summer Campaign is to create and donate 20 welcome packs for women entering rehab. Consisting of many items we may take for granted, these packs are designed to help women feel comfortable, settled and safe in their new environment, they will contain:

  • Blanket

  • Towels

  • Journals

  • Chocolate

  • All packaged in a bag they can use again.

Gemma says: "Often women entering rehab are desperate for help and have very limited support around them.we would like to offer welcome packs that offer comfort and acknowledges the courage it takes to go to rehab. We want to let women know they matter and we stand with them at a very vulnerable time"

We are so grateful to have such generous supporters and hope you'll be able to support us again to provide these packs to women in our community.


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