• Madelaine Hunter

Young People & Healthy Relationships

Developing young people's knowledge about healthy relationships through conversation.

Thanks to our recent Walk For Rita event raising over £1000, we are able to offer free awareness raising 'Just Like Us' sessions to young people's groups across Sussex.

This programme is designed to

  • Demystify all forms of abuse

  • Challenge stereotypes

  • Share our lived experience

  • Identify healthy behaviours

  • Discuss issues affecting young people

  • Build confidence

  • Share support information

Just Like Us is an informal conversation session starting with introductions, brief overview of types of abuse and our lived experience. The aim is to help young people connect the dots between the definition abuse and the real-life experience and clarify healthy behaviours. The primary focus of the conversation is Domestic Abuse but does link with related themes such as consent, grooming, lovebombing, exploitation and gaslighting. Young people are encouraged to be part of the conversation, ask questions and challenge ideas.

If these sessions are of interest to you, please email madelaine@theritaproject.com.


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