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The Rita Project is often approached for support and advice when people or their friends/family have a niggling feeling about a relationship. Whilst we are not a crisis support organisation, we wanted to share our top tips about how to support yourself or others during a challenging time. 

Women are sadly disproportionately impacted by abuse with an unacceptable amount of domestic homicides occurring each year. Violence towards women is not going away and we want to add value to the incredibly hard work that is being done to end it.

We also acknowledge that abuse affects everyone and constantly challenge ourselves to learn more about how different communities experience abuse and be better informed about the best approach for those groups. If there's any learning you'd like to share, please get in touch. 

Follow your instinct 

Sometimes, it's hard to know if you're in an abusive relationship, this information could help.  

Listen, listen, listen

As a friend or family member, you don't need to have all the answers. Here's some helpful information.



Inaccurate myths about the dynamics of abuse can prevent people from accessing support 

Support and guidance

 When the time is right, there will be support there for you. 

You won't be judged  & you will be believed.