The Motivation

Domestic Abuse is an ever evolving issue affecting not only the recipient but everyone around them.

An abusive relationship can feel like being stuck in quicksand. The more energy you use positioning yourself to escape, the more tired you become with the sand pulling you further and further down. Perpetrators have a toolbox populated with manipulation and coercion which they'll use to ensure that eventually, they are the only ones who can either pull you out or let you slide down further.  


Those experiencing abuse often can't identify the behaviour for what it is or aren't aware of the options they have available to them. People will sweep issues under the rug, justifying concerning perpetrator behaviour as tiredness, frustration or 'just another bad day'. From the outside, it can become frustrating with reluctant spectators asking themselves "why is that behaviour being tolerated?" or "can't you see what's happening to you?"   

It may look like a simple cut and run job, one breakup conversation or 'just pack up your stuff and go' but when you're on the inside, it's just not that simple. You can guarantee that once you lift up that rug and check what's underneath you'll find a complex pattern of intimidation, fear, violence, humiliation and control that would render anyone immobile.


The first step that communities can take to shift the culture is to acknowledge that actually, yes, Domestic Abuse does happen and yes, it happens in your street, your colleagues, friends and family will be affected and maybe even you. 

I know, it's heartbreaking to consider that anyone would have to experience something so terrible, but the further we push it under that rug, the more sinister and dark it becomes. 

So, grab that rug with both hands and whip it far, far away. It isn't helping anyone by being there, let the creepy crawlies scurry away and let's get our teeth into tackling the really meaty issues that lie beneath. Once the reality of Domestic Abuse is accepted and understood by communities and those who govern them, that's when real change can happen. 


We strive for a society where every person has a principled and compassionate understanding of Domestic Abuse.