Our work

"Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters"

Margaret Wheatley

  • Domestic Abuse


  • Survivor


  • Campaigning


  • Awareness raising

We're super chuffed to have a variety of awesome projects on the go. Each one addressing different areas and responding to gaps that have been identified along the way. 


We really enjoy working alongside organisations to strengthen the work already being delivered, developing our own best practice, offering another perspective and getting to the heart of issues to create proper, long-lasting solutions. 


It all starts with a conversation. It's as simple as that. Some are trickier than others but it's often what people are craving. Once you start, don't stop. Keep talking, keep sharing and until no subject is off topic. 


Everyone has a role in addressing the challenges that face society and we are proud to do our part in whichever way we can.